Commercialization & Marketing

Career Objectives

Attend to the trading processes of goods and services of a company.

Professional Profile

-Qualified professional in commercialization processes.

His task is to make known the products and services of a company, in view of satisfying their *demand in the market, meeting the expectations of potential customers.

Attentive to the search and satisfaction of existing needs in the market to facilitate a quick response to the continuous and unpredictable changes in this area that are produced to meet the new demands of the populations, allowing the company to remain successfully in markets and generate new businesses.

Thanks to his customer orientations, he is a highly directive and strategic professional for decision making.

Specific tasks or activities carried out in the profession

He studies the events that occur in the political, social, economic and technological environment in pursuit of identifying the risks and opportunities that are presented for the commercialization of a product and see the marketing strategies the company will take.

He performs interviews, questionnaires and tabulations to detect emerging needs in the national and international market, and identifying the products which contribute to its satisfaction.

He supports in the planning of *courses of actions which enable the consolidation of the company in the market, providing elements for decision making of the management.

He evaluates objectively the results obtained from the strategies followed by the company.

He contributes to an optimum *corporate image of the institution.

He achieves the positioning of a specific brand and its fixation in the mind of the customers, through promotions and advertising of its products and services.

He supports in the process of needs detection of customers of a company, investigating the effect the products or services produce in the consumer.

He knows the manufacturing techniques used in the production of *goods or services focusing attention on the quality and presentation of the products; and he advises on the adaptation of products to the needs of the customers.

He takes part in the definition of objectives, strategies and goals of the organization of the commercial activities of the company.

He develops sales plans, directs and coordinates its operations.

He conducts and decides the work of design, communication and the intensity of the advertising and promotional campaigns.

He investigates the networks and distribution media of the products and services to bring them to customers and users in a short time and at the lowest cost.

He investigates the behavior of the competition and analyzes the strategy of the rival.

He performs promotional activities, dealing directly with the customers, establishing the necessary contacts for the company.

He takes over the relationships with the *vendors and controls the supply of materials.

He manages the relationships with the customers in such a way that these find technical and commercial support.

He sets the price lists, discount percentages and delivery times, budgets for sales promotion campaigns, sales methods, *incentives and special campaigns.

He monitors the expenses and ensures the rational use of resources in the area.

He controls the selection, training and performance of the staff of the area.

He represents the area in his labor relations with other areas of the company or external relationships.

Occupational Field

-Commercial field of all sorts of companies, such as:

-Distribution companies

-Exporting or importing companies

-Advertising agencies

-Market research companies

-Commercial services of industrial companies

-Consulting offices or agencies, in fields such as tourism, international or cultural business

-*Wholesale and *retail business companies

-Practice of his profession independently when creating his own company, forming a consultancy and marketing audit firm.


-Customs Agencies


Estimated time of College years

3 years, technical level.

5 years, Bachelor’s degree in Marketing

Main courses considered in the syllabus

General Training Courses

-English (different levels), Computer Science, General principles of Law, Psychology, *Sociology, Basic Mathematics.

Basic Training Courses

Foundations of Economics, Fundamentals of Administration, Fundamentals of Accounting, Public Relations, Financial Mathematics, Workshop on Analysis and Problem Solving, Fundamentals of Marketing, Information and Social Communication, Administrative Models, Corporate Law, International Business Law.

Professional Training Courses

-*Macroeconomics, Business Administration, Business Statistics, *Stock Market, Computer tools, Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements, Money Markets, Introduction to Trading and International Finance, Globalization, Consumer Behavior and Analysis, Market Research, Market Strategies, Audiovisual Media, Analysis of National Reality, Commercial Projects Assessment, Competition Analysis, Distribution System and Logistics, Strategy and Development of New Products, Pricing Policy, Promotion, Resource Management, *Basic Marketing, Agricultural Products Marketing, Services Marketing, Industrial Marketing, International Marketing, Administrative Decision Making, Purchasing Management, Advertising Management, Sales Management.

In Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, there is greater depth in the Economic, Accounting, Statistics and Market Research areas.

Vocation, Skills and Interests required in the candidate to this career 


-Taste for trading, such as selling, bargaining, exchanging, etc.

-Interest in undertaking new things, having projects in the social-commercial area.

-Watchful to be always informed of the projects that happen around him.

-Interest in the observation of people in their relationships and social-commercial interests.

-Taste for undertaking business with strategy.

-Attracted by challenges.

-Making inquiries, getting things, raising ideas, running errands motivate him.

-Interest in relating to influential people.

-Interest in developing ideas in the field of business.

-“I always liked to play “Monopoly”, because you sell, buy, rent, etc.”

“Since childhood I made bartered with my classmates”.


-Imagination, creativity and initiative in the business area.

-Ability to raise awareness and persuade a group about a particular idea.

-Capacity to make timely contributions to a new situation.

-Ability to communicate.

-Skill to write reports and handle written information such as its classification, verification, etc.

-Multi-tasking, that is, ability to deal with different or diverse issues efficiently.


-To build in the social, daily and economic aspect.

Be present where there are continuing challenges that depend on one and at the same time to be able to demonstrate the skills you have to develop, create and determine things.

Create and Innovate in the business area.

Or any specific dream or longing which feels involved or oriented towards this direction.

Candidate Personality


-Good social relations

-Disposition to the initiative in decision making.

-Conduct governed by the principles of the efficiency in conducting this type of activity.

-Entrepreneurial, dynamic, proactive, competitive and realistic.

-Ability to adapt to changes.

-Adjustable personality for teamwork.


Work Scope


-He works in the commercial field.

-Environment of management and sociability where you have to move to one place to another and relate to different people.

-Capable of working in a highly competitive environment.

Related Careers


Business Administration

International Trade

Human Resources Management

Public Relations or any other name this career receives such as:

-Business Communication; Strategic Communication; Organizational Communication.

*Glossary of Terms

*Market: Public sphere intended to trade (buying and selling) products and services.

*Marketing: Purchase or sale in the market.

*Course of Action: Plan or method to be used in the accomplishment of something.

*Demand: The amount and quality of goods and services the consumers are willing to buy at a particular price.

*Goods: Belongings of a person, his goods, his items.

*Logistics: Technique or mode of transport of products.

*Manage: Make the inquiries and procedures to carry out a project.

*Macroeconomics: It has to do with the production and consumption of the wealth of a country.

*Sociology: Science which studies man in his relations with society.

*Stock Market: A place where securities are traded. (Buying and selling).

*Securities: Documents, income securities, shares or liabilities which represent a certain amount of money.

*Documents: Written evidence which certifies a property.

*Income Security: Document which certifies the right of a utility or interest.

*Shares: Documents which represent the value of the company. The number of shares belonging to a partner indicates his financial participation and his corresponding ownership in that entity holding that company.

*Vendors: People in charge of supplying what is necessary.

*Wholesale: Sales of the products in large quantities.

*Retail: Sales of the product in units or small quantities.

*Corporate Image: Prestige or image of a company.

*Potential Customers: Possible customers for a product.

*Intermediary: A person who mediates among others for a business.

*Incentive: Something which induces a person to act in a certain way.