Talent: Your Great Treasure

Together we will witness a GREAT finding: The discovery of your Natural Potential, the Sense of your Life as a starting point to shape your Life Project.

We will guide you through the exploration of your Talent and Vocation to find the Profession that best suits them, based on the natural process of the Kpertuss System.

  Your Talent

Through the Kpertuss System, we will lead you through the natural process of the exploration of your Talent and Vocation and finding the profession that best responds to them…

Everything about Careers

In a simple language, we provide you with complete information of the existing professional careers, considering their academic and employment information, as well as the vocation and talent needed for the career.

  External Factors

We explain for you the economic, institutional, geographical and work-related factors to be considered in your professional choice, with a suggested sequence of other options to consider.

Types of Vocation

Begin recognizing your Vocation or Life Goal through these General Types of Vocation.

Let’s start the change