Education 3.0

       Paradigm Change


Paradigm Change in Education

We must change the “training people” paradigm, for the “Discovering people” one. To know who they are and how they are, so that they live a life of their own and with meaning. This is educating for happiness.

People live in a mismatch between what they really are and the life they are living.

Owing to education and the environment influences, most people take action with capacities and motivations that are not their own, getting carried away by that, instead of using their own potential and continuing a meaningful life.

This has taken us to disconnect ourselves from strength.

We can no longer live a random life; we must know our nature and the dreams that come with us, that are our vocation.

Why to forego our potential and natural energy if all of us own them?

Education still hasn’t laid hands on what our nature gives us.

Everything is based on what to study, and most people don’t match their potential or their life goal. This has to change, then mainly, talent will allow us to count on the skill of dealing with changes that are coming, and only motivation of vocation will keep us learning the whole lifetime.

Competences will not be enoughbecause intuition, perception and imagination are necessary, provided by talent; as also inspiration, satisfaction and strength, given by vocation.

The effort done by people that have developed new contributions is not the one that we all know, the one that involves sacrifice; conversely, it is an effort that blossoms from inside with enthusiasm, energy and hope.

Education must enter the torrent of human potential, instead of carving skills out in an external way.

If we don’t follow the path of our gifts and purpose in life, is not because of unwillingness, is for lack of clearness. Every human has transcendent motivations, although they are not aware of them. Education’s task in here is to help them discovering which is their Life Goal or Mission in Life and provide tools to develop them. This is in case of teenagers and adults.

The child, as well as the adult, also needs to govern his energies. These must be oriented to his genuine motivations such as exploration through games, which is his natural way of foraying and learning.


Let’s start the change